Day 1

Well hellooo there, and thanks for stopping by! We’re off to a new adventure! Many of you know us, Hibbles, personally, but for those of you who don’t…feel free to view our last travel trips to get to know us a bit better.

In brief, we love family, friends, community, food and last but not least adventure! We pop off the treadmill when ordinary life starts bubbling up to that choking, drowning, numbing…grinding through life feeling….you know …that drowning, sleepless nights, wondering what the heck am I doing with my life feeling??? Shuffling kids, sorting play dates, wondering who’s kid is bullying who, employment..or …oops..sorry no employment, rich this week poor the next (thanks Bit Coin), bills paid on time,mostly, but what.. missed one.. darn over due fee, Ageing Mommma to take care of and the list can go on and on ..and quite frankly…in ANY direction! It appears we, Hibbles have a pattern! Every 3 years, starting with our 40th year, we get that “leave the grinding behind and let’s explore” itch! This is our 3rd giant, world exploration trip with our family: 40-year around North America. 43- Africa and South East Asia…..and now 46-Australia! I’m pretty sure it’s what keeps us both happily married for 22 years. We are ready to explore every inch of this vast, beautiful, natural wonderment island continent/country all wrapped into one…’Stralia..mate..that’s right…’Stralia doll!??

Please join our Monday (or really try hard for Monday) posts week by week of our famiy’s adventure for 52 weeks! There’s only 3 of us now (the boys are studying or travelling) : Mom, Dad and our sweet little Poppet, Stella (8) in one 4×4 Troopy (Land Cruiser Troop carrier) with no plan but to head south; collect school work at post offices; meet as many people and stories along the way; take as many recommended “the road less travelled destinations”; and only take what you need and get rid of what you don’t use type of adventure!

Thanks again for tuning in! I hope you enjoy our blog and volg (video blog)!

11 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Helloooooooo, I miss you all very much and I can’t wait to see more videos and blogs from you all. Have a safe and great trip! Xoxoxox

  2. I love y’all & your adventurous spirit! Looking forward to following you around another part of the world!

    Love, Jo ❤️

  3. Yahoo~!! Switchinggears is on the road again. We will follow along with envy and expectation of great adventures all around the colorful continent of Australia.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments, love them, and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! All is well…we’re trekking along and learning heaps. It’s so nice to have you following along and your support. Xoxo ~ r +

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