WEEK 2: Esperance

Esperance, Esperance…or rather…Lucky Bay..Lucky Bay…how did I not visit you until now???

Well I can tell you I’m one lucky lady at Lucky Bay! ? I’ve been too and fro to Australia for 20 years and never had an inkling about Lucky Bay. To all my friends in Perth….if you haven’t already, make the 8 hr hike to Lucky Bay. While I know we have a lot to discover in Australia, In my opinion, I actually think this will be one of the best bays throughout Australia. The beaches are ppppure white, with tropical waters, islands in nearby distance and Roos coming up to have a curious investigation to greet you and see if you have anything delightful to munch on. I don’t think my writing can do this place any justice on how spectacular it is…but had I known about how remote, beautiful and pristine everything this National Park has to offer I would probably have been here sooner. It will reset anyone’s clock back to relaxation.

Accommodation can be very tricky if you want to stay in Cape Le Grand National Park. It is very busy. There’s a cue outside the small number of camping spots waiting for someone to leave. It is a first come first serve. We waited until someone left. We were in town at a campground for 3 nights and heard about Lucky bay from Dom, a traveller of 2 years, who showed us pictures of his family’s day. We were hooked and went the very next day. Geoff took a “nap” from 9:30 til midnight and started work early, so we could go first thing the next morning. It all paid off as it is just the bees knees!

We are still not settled and without rhythm with just 10 days into our year long trip. It is not easy: School, work, unpack- repack, disorganised laced with some everlasting memories and simple moments. We just found out last night we really aren’t prepared for rain….yet! The winds were high and everything got soaked!

Stella woke me in the middle of the night expressing her concerns: “Mom, I have two problems: #1 the face of the tent keeps creeping onto my face as the wind blows and #2 the side of the tent keep squishing me too, so that just leaves me trapped in a corner!” We laugh and laugh probably waking others. I just had the same experience except not as bad as I’m in the middle and she is on the side. The biggest problem I had was the noise of the tarp over our tent…flapping and echoing the rain very loudly! I then wake reinforcements …Gggeoff….(who is snoring away); we not only are getting smashed here, but we also feel like we are in a “chip bag” with the loud crinkling noise every time you’re reaching for the last chip at the bottom. Super loud! He comes in with good and bad news: “there’s no way to stop the noise unless I hammer, and you can’t hammer quietly.” A quick hammering in some more pegs and tying down the lose ends, and it was heaps quieter not just us inside the tent but probably for all in the entire campground!

The weather is not superb here at the moment, but let’s make lemonade out of lemons! The surf is just right for Stella to catch a bit of a wave! She normally goes with Big Brother Connor, but she’s battling it on her own now! I take her down everyday to the bay to surf, and even bought her a new board for her to try and navigate. She’s working hard to do it on her own…no pushes…no help…just pure determination. I think Wet suit on and goes for it …trying to catch the white wash first. We are here for another week to enjoy some lazy days at Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National park.

6 thoughts on “WEEK 2: Esperance

    • Thanks Chris for the suggestion. We are trying to get there as it does look awesome. Thanks for the tip! Waiting to see if the Ferry has any availability this week as they only go when there are 10 passengers or more. We are hoping to stay 2 nights there camping if we can get on! Fingers crossed! ?~r

    • Hi Gerrardy! We are enjoying ourselves. Thanks for following along and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Xoxo ~r

  1. Oh, Hibbles, how you continue to inspire me! Thank you for sharing your journey – I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Well hello there, Sabrina! Wonderful for you to chime in. Super glad you’re following. Hugs and love to the fam. ((?)) ~r

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