Week 7: Eyre Peninsula to Murray Bridge

Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula is the bit at the bottom on the The Great Australian Bite. It is the arrowhead pointing to the next stop, Antarctica! =) The waters are much cooler which means rich with sea life and cold water fish. What I didn’t realise until I got here is that it is a real culinary seafood discovery! I am a foodie and even if you’re not a foodie….it is an experience to enjoy mouth watering, fresh, Superb Seafood. Why were the Oysters so yummy, fresh and the best I’d ever had in Ceduna??? Because the next stop was Coffin Bay and that is exactly where they came from ! Oyster farms galore! There is a smorgasbord of world-class seafood here on this Peninsula and is the largest commercial fishing fleet in the Southern Hemisphere. Pair that with the wines straight from the local vineyards and you’ve got a party going on in your mouth!


Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay is just down the road where oysters are the star attraction on the many oyster farms in the area. Every menu from cafe’s to fine dining has oysters on it and even the camp grounds have a little fridge with fresh oysters on the half shell when you check in just incase you need a quick hit of zinc before setting up your tent! Or perhaps they’re there to make for a loveable, zesty, firework fun night in the tent while you stay. ??? Nonetheless, the oysters are bountiful and delicious no matter where you get them and whether you cook them or not. The best!! I’ve had an overload in zinc for sure! I have no idea if it’s a myth between oysters and cupid’s arrow flying….my lips are sealed …(plus my mother-in-law might be reading!???) ?, but what I can tell whenever fresh oysters are present I’m a happy girl!

We stayed a couple night’s in Coffin Bay National Park. The highlight is the 4×4 trails. We were fortunate to meet Dion and his family. They camped nearby and are traveling for a year as well doing the lap around Australia. We were headed out 4×4 driving and invited Dion and crew to go with us. They jumped on the idea and quickly got ready. Having two trucks 4×4 traveling is always nice incase something happens the other is there to help. We went down the trails, played on the sand dunes flying the kite and came back through high tide puddles some two feet of water high. Splish, splash, dash! No troubles at all. Super fun day on the trail.


Koala Station

We picked up some provisions in Port Lincoln and headed out for the night to a station that was a Koala sanctuary. It was the self serve, honest policy principal. They count on you to open and close the gate, put the money in the tin box and get a receipt to put on your window. A little more signage and information would be helpful as you didn’t really quite know what to do as you were driving on the station without anyone around. Once you got to the right paddock, you quickly new you were in the right place as other campers were out playing with their children. Stella was hanging on the outside of Troopy, which she loves to do when we get on the beach or stations. We were looking for the Koalas and she spotted something even more interesting to her-kids…there’s kids here! This is always a treat as more often then not there are no play dates. She has learned that making friends is hard, but if you are shy or waste time then they quite possibly could be gone the next morning. We go look for koalas and meanwhile after spotting several and have a great time looking at them she Knicks off to play with the boomerang and frisbee with the kids. Ironically, Stella tells me the Dad could throw a boomerang really far away and have it circle back and land on the tip of his finger or the palm of Stella’s hand. He was that good! I wish I had seen him as I would have loved to get a video. I later learned back in the day he competed in boomerang competitions, and he was still following the competitions today. Ironically,apparently the USA has the title.

The Koalas are cute,little, docile bears and look as though they need a cuddle until you see another Koala or even a cockatoo come on their tree; they are very territorial and it is certainly a game of “King of the Tree” with the growls, groans, and claws. May the strongest bear win the right to the tree. I only learned this through a video I had watched earlier. They would make these growling noises at night right near all the trees near our tent. One could have mistaken it for the males calling all the ladies to his tree for a Swaree, but the film proved otherwise. They were very cute and slept most of the day. It was an experience to see one come off his tree and migrate to another tree. Fortunately, we were able to get that one on film.

On the station was the ruins of an old sheep pen and a walk through the trees was the homestead. The homestead was set up with antiques and how it was in 1800. It was open for display and was a very cute house. Stella quite enjoyed the little cottage set up in yester years and how they lived with open fire places to cook, no bathroom or running water. I’m pretty sure that covered her history lesson for the day. Walking back we had 7 emus on the horizon. Totally surreal to see koalas hanging out in the trees, Roos hopping around, emu’s on the horizon and an old homestead from the 1800’s. Such an Aussie experience.


Murray Bridge

The time has come to ttttttransform the Troopy in Murray Bridge. We had done our research for what type of rooftop tent we wanted but wasn’t ready to spend the money to get one before leaving for Perth. Our rooftop comes from South Africa and pretty much has been the example we have been using. They have it sitting on a Troopy. Tick… Troopy is the right vehicle for this trip, so we must have the tent and awning to go with it. For us, the holy grail is time setting up and organisation. You pay extra for these things but to get somewhere and be set up comfortably having a cup of tea in 5 minutes is definitely the holy grail to this experience. That’s my whole goal on this trip is for the important things to bubble up, get rid of the stuff less used and be so organised you can have a cup of tea within 5 minutes of arrival. Think we Hibbles can do?? if you know us well…you know…”organized” hangs around in the same basket as “planning” which dangles at the end or our priority list. Right now we are about an hour….which doesn’t seem like much but do it day in and day out, get soaked or caught up in a wind storm and you might start to thinking changing that cup of tea in the morning for a shot of something stronger.

I’m sooo excited to see the transformation of Troopy…. I can’t wait. We researched our butts off before going on this trip to see what would be a great option for our “mini” family: to pull something or not to pull something…to tent or not to tent…to have 4×4 or not to have 4×4…to have a van or truck….soooo many things to consider. Comfort or give up comfort for experience. In the end, we are very happy with our decision to keep it simple, not pull and take a 4×4 vehicle. The only thing lacking is comfort…we could use a wee bit more of comfort. I’m thinking the roof top tent, screened windows, and pull-out drawers for an already set up kitchen will help provide that comfort level and organisation that we are seeking.

I’m absolutely stoked to be here in Murray River to see the transformation of Troopy. We’ve had the appointment for 6 weeks and the owners of Richard’s Auto Electrics will be doing the work. Our tent has arrived from South Africa with our name on it, several phone calls have been made throughout 6 weeks to make sure we’re still coming for installation. In fact Geoff built a relationship with Olivia and Stefan ( A husband and wife team). Geoff worked with their team as he’s very meticulous as to where things go and can’t help but to be part of the action. Stella and I did school work and then decided to go downtown for a few hours rather than hang out in the garage. It took most of the day to install the tent, but she’s a beauty. We were all pleased with the installation and can’t wwwwait to sleep in it. Now who’s going to sleep in it first???? Stella has already put forward her name and guess what…Momma definitely is sleeping there. Good Ol’ Geoff said, “ladies first!”…..ZZZZZzzzzzzz. Magnificent! Stella and I sleep in the tent and it bucketed with rain the first night. Zip up the sides and away we go being dry. The roof top tent is brilliant….set up is literally 1 minute max, it’s roomy and dryyyyy. One of the best things is you leave your bedding inside and pop it down in 1 minute as well. The “Shadow Awning” is equally as great! No more getting up at 2am to put it down or poles or anything.  A simple 1 min max set up and take down.  Whahhhoooohhh I see great, comfortable change in our future! It’s a whole new world for us… Organization is key and the holy grail is time for set up and take down…. Ahhhh….what a difference!!!

Next destination….Adelaide. There’s a surprise there waiting for us with an expiration time on it!


{ Thanks Miranda for the great Koala Sanctuary at the station, super fun and cool.


Thanks to Richard’s Auto Electrics, who installed our rooftop tent & awning, for their attention to detail and hospitality while we were getting it done. I love giving to local businesses for these two reasons. Well done. Total game changer for us. Richard’s Auto, Murray Bridge, South Australia. }

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  1. WOW~!!! I love that roof top tent and awning set up!! That will certainly make life on the road a new experience. Putting that one on my wish list for our next travel.

    • Midra…worth the wait for sure and definitely put it on your wish list. Thanks for following along. Xoxo ~r

  2. I agree with Hope… GREAT to see you face 🙂
    Loved the Koala bears! The troopy looks great – very comfy!

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