Week 8: A ‘Stellar’ Surprise – Adelaide & Kangaroo Island


We are boot-scooting to Adelaide and Stella thinks it’s to take her shopping and pick up some much needed provisions. Little does she know …..one of her Besties is flying in to see her!! She has no idea…we’ve told her it’s her Dad’s friend passing through so we’re having lunch at the airport with him first before shopping. Friends are one of downside of these great trips….you miss them terribly. We meet people and socialise but you do miss your true friends and the wonderful neighbors you have daily cuppas with or talk over the fence. Stella has adjusted and is learning new skills of meeting people and engaging with people, but there’s been several times she’s just sat and cried her little eyeballs out because she misses her friends. It’s hard work emotionally to leave everything you know and love behind. She will LOVE this surprise.

We arrive at the airport and parking for Troopy proves to be a problem….way toooo talll now! Time is ticking and …shoot …their plane was early and landed already. Geoff drops us off at the door, and he is left to sort parking. Stella and I are running for the gate. We get to the gate and her friend, Isabelle, sees two people running and coming to the gate agent…she does a double take as it’s Stella. She too is surprised…she comes up, stands right behind us and waits patiently for Stella to spot her. Stella spots her first and she is gob-smacked! Izzzy….OMG….Izzzy…..you’re here…OMG…Omg…hugs and tears start streaming down Stella’s face. They’re on cloud nine and glued to each other’s hip. Suzi and I just watch them taking in the joy that is oozing out of their little souls. Even our eyes are damp. They have 5 days of hanging out together…what bliss! Stella then runs up to both of us and thanks us for her surprise and how this is the best day of her life! That was super sweet…tick done… a forever long childhood memory made with I’m sure a friend that will be lifelong too.

We head straight down to the water’s edge to let the kiddos play and have a peek at Adelaide; so far we’ve just seen the inside of the airport. We book a hotel, find an oyster bar and chill with friends from far away sipping on some lovely bubbles and a big dose of those delicious Coffin Bay oysters, squid, giant prawns and Salmon-all the great, fresh seafood found here in these cold waters on the Eyre Peninsula.

Adelaide is a gorgeous city. It does remind me a bit of Perth with all the alcoves and pedestrian open street mall. One thing I do really like is Adelaide keeps the old historic building in its entirety instead of just its facade. We pick up a few things to get us sorted: New IPhone …We think Geoff’s rolled out of the car when changing a flat tire…Thermals for Stella-yay! she’s grown, batteries…we’ve been dead for awhile on all fronts, midgy mesh to make screens for Troopy.


Kangaroo Island

The girls are glued at the hip and holding hands whenever possible. Every chance they get they like to be silly girls hanging about, leap frogging, frolicking on the grass, jumping on beds, putting makeup on each other and just soaking up each other’s company. We are all headed to Kangaroo Island where there’s endless possibilities particularly down on a family farm. Suzy and Darren have kindly included us in their family vacation as they have family living on the island on a farm. We can camp at their farm. We arrive at the farm to one spectacular, 180 degree view. Absolutely stunning. Cory and Stacey welcome us with open arms to their newly purchased farm. Their kids are free range and well beyond their years with driving manual cars since 8 and driving the truck to go Marion fishing in the creeks and sleeping in swags at age 13. The oldest son Coby, 13, drives the truck while his dad is pitching straw out the back to start a large veggie garden. It’s actually mind boggling to see such adult-like behaviour from a young teenager and then see them enjoy a game of hind-go-seek and matchbox car racing as well.

Kangaroo Island is a sleepy little island with just 4000 people living there located off the mainland of South Australia. It’s a quick 45 min ferry ride over with your car. It has one of everything available and plenty of things to see and do. Over a third of the island is protected in nature reserves making for an abundance of wildlife. We actually saw an echidna in the wild, a wallaby, many bird species let alone dolphins, pelicans and kangaroos of course. It’s also quite primitive with its striking rock formation in Flinders Chase National Park.

We all palled around the island watching seals at Seal Bay, tasting cheese and honey made fresh on the island, smelling fresh oils made, tasting homemade cidars and distilleries. Sunsets were enjoyed by the men taking the children to catch fish for dinner while the ladies sipped on bubbles preparing the side dishes for a tasty BBQ. Everyone had a very chill-laxing time down on the family farm relaxing to island life and spending quality, simple time together. It’s funny how your mind wonders to a new way of life…. simple farm life…wonder if Geoff and I could survive the peace, quiet, tranquility of a small family hobby farm raising Stella?? It’s very inspirational to see this family taking the plunge from working, corporate life in WA to uprooting their family for a drastic change of island, farm life some 2900+ miles away. As much as we think it’s a splendid life, Geoff and I both agree it’s not the time for us now, we’re too busy enjoying “peeking around corners and discovering” but maybe in the future or for weekends?? We can certainly dream and put it on our list of possibilities. =)


{Thank you to Suzy for making girls dreams come true.  Thank you Darren for including us in your family vacation on KI.  It was a real treat for all us. Thank you Cory and Stacy for being the wonderful, free spirited, real people.  We enjoyed your farm and family. Much love and hugs~Hibbles}

8 thoughts on “Week 8: A ‘Stellar’ Surprise – Adelaide & Kangaroo Island

  1. The video of Stella and Izzy just made me miss you even more!
    You all look so happy and relaxed. I enjoy following these adventures!

    • Hi Marnie Glad you enjoyed the video of the girls…miss you too and glad you’re following along around Australia with us. One day I might get you here! ???

  2. Oh my goodness Stella & Izzy what a magical surprise ? Mick & I both crying watching these two beautiful girls. ?

    • Hi Mich and Miranda. I love how the video turned out with the girls too…makes me cry too with such sweetness from these two. Hope you two are traveling well too. ? ~r

  3. Yes…it is worthy of a trip over for sure. Very different from Mainland. You two look after yourselves.~r

    • Thanks my friend…She had a wonderful time with her friend, Izzy, and she’s well on her way to learning the true meaning of friendship. I think Van Guogh says it best, “Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves, with Gentle honesty. They are there to guide & support us, to share our laughter & our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.” ~Vincent Van Guogh.??

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