Week 10: Brisbane, Queensland


You know, life has some unforeseen twists and turns along the way. On this trip, we are no exception to the rule. We decide for many reasons to go to Brisbane, but one reason is that it is mmmmuch warmer, and we have close friends there that won’t be there too long. We look at the map and decided to cut straight through the outback…it’s a 23 hour drive with most of it being in the outback. Thankfully we had a great stop in Hahndorf and got most things ready for an outback trek in Adelaide.

The outback is beautiful in its own right with a lot of wild animals roaming about. Thankfully Geoff put on some awesome spot lights on Troopy in Adelaide as it is super dark out there with a lot of animals. We saw a family of wild pigs crossing the road, wild goats and kids sleeping on the road for warmth (it gets cold at nights in the desert), wild bulls and thousands upon thousands of Rooos!!! We are definitely in their homeland. When we started this journey, Geoff had a conversation with Stella (who puts flies and cockroaches outside) “You know Stella, we will probably hit a roo on this trip around for a year. Just want you to know this so you can prepare yourself.” Her response, “we’ll I hope not.”

I’m cruising down the road and every other animal when they see the lights they get off the road and move out the way, but NOT the Roos…thick as a brick! I look at Geoff and say “the odds are stacked way against us, we will hit a Roo tonight.” Stella looks with sheer hopefulness. I honk, slow down and everything I can to avoid contact….but of course that doesn’t do anything to the Roos. I manage to avoid most but… one is not moving off the road… I hit the brakes but can see full good and well there’s going to be a hit as I’m not swerving. It’s quite frightening when you can see something in advance about to unfold, but there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Stella is playing a game and not paying attention until she hears this big “bammm.” She looks straight at me …puts two and two together and …in horror she tells me as she’s sobbing “you took a life!” I apologise and tell her I’m sorry there wasn’t anything I could do and ask Geoff to give her big hugs while I’m driving. I ask Geoff if you think we should stop for the Roo and he said no…”there’s nothing we can do, keep going.”

I just get myself together and think I’m over the worst part but about 3-4 hours later….bammm…another Roo! I’m like wow I didn’t expect to be “Culling” the things with the Roo bar. We finally hit a roadhouse, and I have a chat with a true blue Aussie who grew up in the Outback and is now living in Sydney. We have 10 hours left before we’re out of the outback… I ask “what do you do about the Roos when driving… his answer “don’t worry about them… drive straight and don’t swerve… I’ve hit 5 already tonight.” My mouth drops…. wow…O.k. I look at the Roo bar to see if there’s any damage nope, Nothing… So I prepare myself that it’s going to be a long drive with…”whaling in the front seat by Stella and “booming” outside from the Roos.”  Ohhh bother!!

This time I’m going really, really slow and decide I will just creep around them on the other side of the road and stay out of their way. Big mistake!!! I’m creeping around on the other side of the road and bammmm….just as I think I’ve made it past the Roo “HE hits me in the door!!” Ugghhh…. won’t do that again! It’s me or you Roo and I can tell you it’s not me again!! Lesson learned… Roo:1 Robin:2.


We arrive to Brisbane and the sun is shining…I can see why they call it “The Sunshine Coast.” We decide to take a break and get an apartment in the city of Brisbane….catch up on some much needed laundry and enjoy the comforts of a home. It’s a beautiful city…very clean and fit people jogging everywhere. We stay in the apartment a few days and then decide to go to the edge of town. Troopy does not do well in a city and parking is very difficult. Geoff has some projects he needs to finish and needs to be close to a hardware store for parts, so we decide to stay in Brisbane until all the projects are done on Troopy.

We actually have close friends, John & Lissa, in Perth who grew up here in Brisbane and, while they are not here, Lissa’s parents have an apartment on the edge of town surrounded by many trees, wild animals, rainforest and a handy dandy work shop that looks like “The Men’s Shed.” Lissa’s parents graciously invite us up to their place to stay in their apartment. Lissa’s Dad, Pat, built 3 houses on this property including this apartment. Geoff admires his handy work and attention to detail. Pat and Geoff spend time in the workshop for days planning, chatting, morning tea break, planning, sunset beer break, planning, enjoying dinners together sitting around a fire outside more chats about planning, designing. I think Pat is secretly an engineer back in his day as he and Geoff get on like a house on fire with similarities and lots of planning with attention to detail. Rita, Lissa’s Mom, likes to cook and is super sweet. It’s ironic to see so many of Lissa’s qualities and mannerism in her mom. Two great, very warm people. No wonder we’re great friends in Perth with their daughter, Lissa…apples don’t fall from the tree.

Pat and Rita recently moved into their beautiful house that Pat built and are going to rent the apartment. We enjoy the comforts of the apartment, their company so much we decide to make it a “win-win” situation and do a short term rental on the apartment until they can find a long term renter. They graciously offered us the apartment without cost, but that just didn’t sit right with us. Something tells me the workshop will get great use by new buddies Pat and Geoff and I’ll be getting my “pull-out” kitchen sooner rather than later …how exciting!!



{Huge thank you to John & Lissa for organising the apartment with your family.  We miss you not being here, but love putting a visual to all the wonderful stories we’ve heard from you about your childhood home and high school days here at Mt. Nebo. Thank you Pat & Rita for opening your apartment & home up to us with such a warm welcome.  It has been a wonderful “pit-stop” off our trek around Australia.????}


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    • Hi Jenna! Lovely to see you here, and I’m glad you are enjoying. =). YES! We are going north and will stop in to see you. Where are you? Message me your address and we’ll plan a time. You can even “hop in” with us for a night or two if possible and your keen.? We would love to see you!! Xoxo~r

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