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This blog is about our journey as a traveling family.  We are “The Hibbles,” and we are a fun, loving, adventurous family who love to “switching gears” and changing the scenery. Geoff is Australian, and I am American.  Typically, we are “on the treadmill” of life in either America or Australia working away.   However, every once in awhile…we reach a “tipping point” and change directions-we go against the grain!  We then decide to grab life by the horns and shake every bit of fun, experiences, challenges, goals, accomplishments out of it we can possibly do.

We have been traveling since the children were young and decided to do our first huge adventure November 1, 2011 when they were just 2 (Stella), 11 (Ethan) and 15 (Connor).  We toured for 1 year around North America in an old motor home that we named “Big Rig.”  The journey with our family together was so amazing we decided to do it all over again, now, four years later (Aug. 12th, 2015). Only this time we are traveling South Africa and South East Asia.

Much of our travel is done on a budget and learning where to go and what to do by word of mouth.  We consider ourselves “middle-class” working Americans/Australians doing extra-ordinary things.  Traveling doesn’t only have to be for individuals or couples.  It can be for families too. I have many goals on this trip, but one of  my goals is to: inspire you; share with you what we have learned from traveling; show you how our family managed to travel and work and educate; encourage you to keep fear at bay; the tricks of keeping teenagers engaged and kiddos happy…. and much, much more.

This blog is the reality of the true trials and tribulations that occur with our family.  You will find honesty laced with a whole lot of humor.

More importantly, as you read this blog, I hope you laugh out loud until you get a stitch in your side, dream, wonder, be curious, live, and make the impossible possible.  I hope you comment often (it’s like a warm hug with every comment I receive =) or ask any questions of how I might help YOU!

Thank you for tuning in…. I can’t promise you where in the world we Hibbles will be next month, but I can promise you one thing…. it will be a fun ride…so sit back, relax and enjoy!


Robin and Family


7 thoughts on “About

    • Well blow me down…. how in the world did you stumble across my blog? It has been 20 years since I have seen or heard from you. And yes, I of course remember you during our flying time with United. So great to see you here, and catch up! I will send you an email next! Thanks for following and I’m glad you enjoy!


  1. Hi Robin, Geoff & Stella
    Sorry we didnt say bye on Thursday….overlooked you were not returning on the boat with us.
    Hope you are having a gr8 Easter on Woody Island.
    I have been reading your amazing ‘blog’, if you have time on your return call in to 53 Castletown Quays we would love to see you again before you head across the Nullabor


    • Hi Sally,

      So great to meet you and Don as well! Great you’re enjoying following along. Let’s meet for a glass of bubbles together before we scoot off across the Nullarbor? ? We will give you a shout when we get back to mainland. Xoxo ~ r+

  2. Lovely to read your post Robin looking forward to more great meeting you all on boat trip to Woody Island

    • Hi there Bev. I hope all is well down on the farm in Gin Gin. Great to meet you and Tom. We’ve seen some great birds. Thanks for following. Cheers, ~r

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