An offer we couldn’t refuse.

While the boys study and work, Stella and I decided to go explore the island during the day. We needed a driver though. I found a driver. He was very grateful to have work during the slow season. His name was “Is” pronounced “East”. “IS” drove Stella and I around ...
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Just Phuket!

Ok…. so we had a weeee bit of fun with the name “Phuket” (poo-ket).  At first glance… it can be mistaken phonetically as “the f-bomb it!” One late night conversation with my girlfriends and sister went something like this: Really you can do whatever you want. Phuket, no one cares! ...
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Phuket Thailand

Having been to Bangkok several years back, we wanted something different. Phuket Thailand was a huge contrast. We enjoyed Phuket and it’s neighboring islands, Phi-Phi and James Bond too.  When flying over, the many islands are just plush with greenery.  Most islands are  a jungle and not habitable, which is ...
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